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WP 9 – Quality Assurance

In order to guarantee the quality of the processes and outcomes produced under FORMAR project a quality management plan will be set up, according to the project objectives and Leonardo programme’s rules. The quality management plan will be led by the project’s Coordinator who is responsible for its timely implementation and for the implementation of preventive and corrective actions.

The following documentation, which will be produced under WP1, WP8 and WP10, will be part of the quality control of the project:

  • Minutes of the project meetings;
  • Minutes of the first evaluation workshops;
  • Minutes of the second evaluation workshops;
  • Dissemination and exploitation strategy;
  • Interim report;
  • Final report.

The main benefits of the quality management plan is to increase effectiveness in the consortium to enhance stakeholders satisfaction, researching and understanding their needs and expectations, control the quality of the deliverables and measure the quality of the results.

Lead partner: LNEG

Start: October 2013

Duration: 36 Months

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