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CENFICCreated on 21st December 1981 through a protocol established among Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP, IP), Associação de Empresas de Construção Obras Públicas e Serviços (AECOPS),Associação dos Industriais da Construção de Edifícios (AICE) e a Associação Nacional de Empreiteiros de Obras Públicas (ANEOP) is actually one of the protagonists of the Constrution Industry’s development in Portugal. In the scope of this Industry, CENFIC has the know-how, the technical and human resources required to study and implement the best solutions for the definition of an efficient policy framework for the Human Resources Qualification and Training.

CENFIC’s mission is:

  • Prepare qualified professionals to fulfill several tasks which are part of the Building Construction and Public Works Sector, through the development of Vocational Training Courses;
  • Satisfy the needs and correspond the expectations of the clients;
  • Contribute to dignify Man and create a generation of qualified professionals;
  • Promote the individual and the professional development of the trainees.

CENFIC is certified since 1998 by Associação Portuguesa de Certificação (APCER), according to Standard ISO 9001:2008, and provided with large facilities and all equipment deemed necessary to allow its Technical and Educational Team effectively meet the Industry demands.

CENFIC activity, developed in 22 sites in the Centre and South of Portugal, is the best quality of a diversified range of services in areas such as:

  • Training consultancy;
  • Training needs diagnosis;
  • Definition of activity plans complying with corporate objectives;
  • Training of Managers, intermediate leadership, qualified professionals and young people.

Since it first day, CENFIC has developed an intense activity in the area of international Projects, aiming at sharing experiences and their constant technical and methodological update. Therefore, the partnerships with similar bodies, either national and foreign, such as a significant number of Member States of the European Union and Portuguese Official Language Countries, gain special relevance. From these Projects we detach as more recent:

  • RESEAU RE.FORM.E – Réseau de Formation en Europe – I-00-B-F-NT (Partner);
  • EUROPASS RE.FORM.E II − P/03/A/F/PL−125785 (Promoter);
  • SOURCE – Specialization of Workmen for the Restoration and Conservation in Europe − P/98/2/06244/PI/II.1.1b/FPC (Promoter);
  • Q-CA.S.E.: Quality of Training on European School Work Sites – I/06/B/F/PP-154129 (Partner);
  • TRASFOBUILDING - Between formal and informal: a double model to assess competences in the building sector - LLP-LDV/TOI/07/IT/020 (Partner).


Contact: Fátima Raimundo 

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