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Câmara Municipal de Águeda

CM AguedaAs Local Administration it's responsible for licensing and supervision of works from the private sector and also has experience in various areas of governance, such as the construction and maintenance of infrastructures, culture, education, sports and social action. In recent years has developed several partnerships at European and national level in the areas of sustainability, energy efficiency and new technologies.

With strong development in the area of governance, is considered as a case of good practice in transparency, response capacity and efficient services (certified by the standard "ISO9001"). Having the 1st Level of Excellence (EFQM), it aims to achieve level 2 in 2013. In partnerships (URBACT and INTERREG) developed projects of digital services. In the current URBACT participates in a network (E4C-E-Skills), focused on the following themes formation: increasing users knowledge on new technologies, increasing digital competence towards employability, increased technological capability to create his own company.

Has experience in implementing processes aimed at triple helix economic development (citizens, entrepreneurs, university).


Contact: Marlene Marques

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