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LLP Objectives & Priorities

Lifelong Learning Programme Objectives and Priorities Addressed

The training resources and modules will provide innovative concepts and the acquisition of new skills in the sustainable construction area, improving the professional performance on the development of different construction works. The training courses will develop relevant content to the needs of the labour market, facilitating employability and mobility.

The new Units of Short-term Units modules will develop issues that correspond to several goals which are pursue in Europe. These modules will be reflected and developed jointly by the partners in the three member states. There is a large consensus about the importance of updating and introducing new concepts in sustainable building practices, but still lack contents and pedagogical resources that can improve the quality of VET and the access to opportunities in emerging activities.

The project will allow the development of products that can provide new skills tailored to the needs of labour market in EU countries, particularly in matters that specifically are related with sustainable construction, facilitating the employability and mobility of the construction professionals. This knowledge may also constitute the theoretical and practical bases for continuing through new learning processes and achieve higher levels of qualification.

The development of Units of Short-term Training modules will follow the methodological framework on the national catalogue of qualifications of each country, and the principles of ECVET. The offer of VET in sustainable construction will be extended and adapted to different occupations. The contents will introduce innovative concepts and techniques, increasing the quality of teaching practices and the use of pedagogical tools, for the benefit of learners and vocational training institution.

The development of resources and vocational training modules will be tested by all the partners in each country, and disseminated at conferences, workshops and in the website of the project. These products, Units of Short-term Training modules and the different pedagogical resources associated will be oriented to professionals in the construction sector and will benefit from the technical contributions and the transfer of know-how of all partners.  

The training modules will be developed based on the description of learning outcomes, leading to qualifications, grouped by units. Procedures and criteria will be developed for assessment of learning outcomes and the development of the proposal for the allocation of credits. The experimentation of qualifications and quality standards for ECVET will be made in the national contexts of the partnership.

This project contributes to combat all forms of discrimination and promote equal treatment because aims to develop Units of Short-term Training (UST) modules, that will be integrated into National Catalogue of Qualifications in each country. These USTs will be available in the catalogue for all the carpenters, painters, bricklayers, building technicians and installers of solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, who intend to specialize in the field of sustainability.

This project aims to improve the skills on sustainability issues of workers of building maintenance and refurbishment, namely adapting existing skills to the demands of the present job market. Thus, will contribute to attain the employed target through empower people by developing their skills, increasing the employability and the labor mobility. It will also contribute to the 20/20/20 climate/energy targets due to the development of a transversal UST (sustainable construction and NZEB).

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