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LNEG - Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia

LNEG logo com link para site do LNEGThe Portuguese National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (LNEG) is a State laboratory of the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy that makes R&D oriented to the needs of society and enterprises, Investing in a sustainable research, along with the international best practices, ensures that its areas of expertise allow an adequate response to the needs of the business sector.

LNEG’s functional structure addresses the two main pillars of LNEG’s core areas:

LEN – The Energy Laboratory, which includes 5 R&D Units (Energy Analysis and Networks; Energy Efficiency; Solar Energy; Bioenergy; Energy Storage and Conversion Technologies) and 3 Labs (Solar; Biofuels; Materials and Coatings).

LGM – The Geology and Mining Laboratory, which includes 5 R&D Units (Geoscience Information; Mineral Resources and Geophysics; Mineral Science and Technology; Geology, Hydrogeology and Coastal Geology; Drilling Office).

LNEG is aware that cooperative work and networking can optimize skills and that knowledge sharing is a tool for success, so it is an active partner of the major networks and collaborative platforms in the areas of energy and geology.

LNEG’s mission is to promote technological innovation science and technology oriented for economic development contributing to increase competitiveness of economic agents in the context of sustainable progress of the Portuguese economy.

As an R&D institution LNEG’s first objective is doing research geared to the needs of society, the support of public policies and the economic development.

The involvement of LNEG in international partnerships makes it a partner to foster internationalization and a preferred source of information in their areas of expertise. LNEG collaborates as a consultant for public policies in the areas of energy and geology.

LNEG’s activity – provision of services and contracts with the entrepreneurs and with the state itself in different forms – is materialized in three types:

  • R&DT Projects;
  • Technical assistance and contracted research;
  • State assistance in international forum representation, providing science and technology foundations in sectorial policies for emergent societal issues.
  • LNEG is currently involved in more than 100 R&D Projects, National and International wide (EU included) and having an important role in design, implementation and support to the National Policies in the area of Renewable and Energy Efficiency and National Resources (Geological Surveys). LNEG is also very much engaged in IEA activities (CERT, WG, Implementing Agreements and Tasks) as well as in EERA and ESEIA.

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