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WP 8 – Evaluation and Testing of UST

The UST developed in WP 2 to 7 will be evaluated and tested by several stakeholders of the building construction, maintenance and refurbishment sector. The results of the evaluation and testing will then be used to improve the UST.

The evaluation of the UST will be done in two steps in each country:

  • A first evaluation will be done by the associated partners of the project (the project advisory groups in each country), either on-line using the project website, either in 2 evaluation workshops per country.
  • A second evaluation will be done by other relevant stakeholders that will be identified by the project team in each country. In Portugal, this second evaluation will be organized by the prject partners CM Águeda, CM Faro and Viver Santarém.

The testing of the UST will be done in classrooms and will be organized by the vocational training organizations that are projects partners (CENFIC, FLC and FCMB).

Lead partner: CENFIC

Start: October 2013

Duration: 31 Months

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