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WP 2 – UST Transversal Contents

The Unit of Short-term Training (UST) with transversal contents will contain modules and resources concerning basic concepts on sustainable construction and “nearly zero energy buildings”, introduction to life cycle assessment, life cycle assessment of buildings, environmental labelling, national and European standards and regulation related to sustainability and buildings. The UST will consider the possibility of conducting field visits and invitations to external entities for dissemination of sustainable building products.

The work package includes the following list of activities:

  • Analysis of needs and existing training materials;
  • Identification of best practices and constraints;
  • Development of training modules: unit program and session plans;
  • Development of the training resources: training contents, practical exercises, and trainer’s manuals;
  • Development of a client’s guide to support its purchasing decisions;
  • Translation from English to three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and French.

The development of a client’s guide to support its purchasing decisions, to be disseminated in paper and electronic format, will allow an adequate choice of products and solutions, as well as an adequate selection of qualified professionals with additional skills on sustainable construction.

All UST will be evaluated and tested in WP8 by several stakeholders of the building construction, maintenance and refurbishment sector. The results of the evaluation and testing will then be used to improve the UST.

The edition of the UST resources on-line and in paper format will be done in WP10.

Lead partner: LNEG

Start: October 2013

Duration: 34 Months  

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