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WP 1 – Project Management

The general coordination of the project involves the following actions:

  • Maintaining regular communication with EACEA sharing the feedback with the other project partners;
  • Organization of regular communication among project partners;
  • Assistance to the partners in the solution of any technical and administrative problems;
  • Guidance to all partners in order to carry out the activities in-line with budget;
  • Organization and performance of the required audits and control activities.

The partnership will meet every seven months and the meetings plan is as follows:

  • Kick off meeting: Organised in Lisbon by LNEG in Month 1 (October 2013);
  • Interim meetings: To be organised by the different project partners in their countries every 6 months (decision to be made in the previous project meeting) to discuss the activities being implemented at the time (months 8, 15, 22, and 29);
  • Final meeting: To be organised in Lisbon by LNEG in month 36, at the same time of the final conference, to prepare the final report and make a general assessment of the project.

Lead partner: LNEG

Start: October 2013

Duration: 38 months

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