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2nd Project FORMAR Meeting - Madrid

The 2nd project FORMAR meeting will take place at Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, in Madrid in 27 and 28 may 2014.


The main topics to be discussed in this meeting are:

  • WP 1 – Status of project (1st semester). Partnership agreement, coordination meeting in Brussels (summary of priorities points) and 2nd semester activities and deliverables;
  • WP 2 – Presentation and approval of internal reports of Portugal, France and Spain; status of WP2, training contents and clients guide; session plan according to ECVET (1st draft); criteria for final evaluation of each trainees;
  • WP 3-WP7 - Main topics of training contents and clients guides. Status of internal reports;
  • WP 10 - Revision and approval of the dissemination and exploitation strategy; dissemination activities;
  • WP 8 - Status of associated partners and NAG;
  • WP 9 - Quality management plan revision and approval;
  • WP 1- Financial aspects, next activities: next project meeting definition;

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