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The partnership developed a dissemination and exploitation strategy to be applied to the project, approved by the partnership in the Kick-off meeting (October 2013 in Lisbon) and reviewed at each partnership meeting.
The dissemination and exploitation strategy is a key element for the success of the implementation of the project, and include among others the following instruments:

  • Website of the project;
  • Project flyer;
  • Standard project presentation;
  • Dissemination by the partners and through the associated partners’ channels;
  • Dissemination in networks;
  • Participation in conferences and workshops;
  • Publications in specialized magazines;
  • Publication of project results in scientific conferences;
  • A page in the Facebook and LinkedIn.

In this subarea, you can download the flyer, the standard project presentation, the list of FORMAR project dissemination activities for the 1st part (October 2013- March 2015) and 2nd part of the project (April 2015 to September 2016) and the project results, after publication.


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